The Roleplay Rules (Lex Scaena)

To take part in ROMA roleplay (and to distinguish it from the general social), you MUST do the following:

I. Read and respect the 12 Tables (look under the land covenant window). These continue to be in effect regardless of roleplay status.

II. All those who wish to roleplay MUST join Theatrum Romanum group. Contact one of the following about an invite:

  • Amalthea McMahon
  • Popea Heron
  • Spaciva Ivanova
  • Angelia Rees

Please provide them with an email address so they can send you an invite to our social group: http://romaroleplay.ning.com/

III. Once you are invited to http://romaroleplay.ning.com/ , please create a character profile. (You may also want to mention the url for your profile in your SL profile).

IV. While roleplaying in ROMA you MUST either display the ‘*ROMA ROLEPLAYER*’ title from the Theatrum Romanum group, and/or a flip title that displays ‘*ROMA ROLEPLAYER*’ and your character name. Please note that you are NOT considered to be roleplaying without either displayed. It must be very clear to all that you are rolelplaying.

V. When speaking in roleplay mode, you may say something ‘out of character’ (OOC) by placing it within brackets “[[ ]]” or angle brackets “<< >>”. Keep roleplay conversations and experiences separate from non-roleplay ones.

VI. Enemies in roleplay should harbor no ill feelings outside of roleplay.

VII. Please note that the default experience of ROMA is not roleplay, it is social. Therefore not every ROMA event will be a roleplay event. Those that are roleplay events will be clearly marked and advertised as so. Roleplayers should feel free to ignore regular Citizens who are not roleplaying (or do not have their title/tag on). If you want to socialize with someone in roleplay mode, speak to them in OOC brackets.

VIII. When you take off your Theatrum group title or flip title, you have removed your roleplay persona. You are now only engaging with others in a social way.

IX. Within roleplay, no player should have anything done to them without consent (e.g. arrest/trial, being robbed, attacked etc.) No action can happen to another player that they do not agree to beforehand - either by private IM or out of character discussion. Any player trying to force the roleplay in such a way will be in violation of the rules.

X. ROMA is not a historical recreation sim. The Emperor Julian Augustus is not the same person as Julian the Apostate from the fourth century CE. ROMA is not ancient Rome. Instead, ROMA exists outside of the historical framework and exists on the Second Life grid, not ancient Italy. ROMA roleplay is its own community, loosely based on ancient Roman culture of the 2nd century CE. It has its own history and relationships with other roleplay cultures (such as Germanic tribes, Egyptians, Greeks, etc). It can be thought of as an alternate universe. Anachronisms will be tolerated. This is tremendous opportunity to develop a unique experience with ancient Roman culture and history.

XI. After every roleplay encounter in the sim, you are encouraged to ‘blog’ about it on the http://romaroleplay.ning.com/ site. In this way, everyone will be kept abreast of any roleplay plot developments.

XII We endeavor to act fairly, but violation of the Lex Scaena or the 12 Tables may result in a warning, fine, temporary banishment, or permanent banishment.

XIII Roleplaying gives you no special authority in the estate. Site managers will not be roleplaying with you.

XIV Roleplaying in the Subura or Ostia: If you are a Subura or Ostia plot renter, you have the ability to hold any event at any time on your plot, including roleplay events. You also control access to your plot. You are rex or regina of your plot (bound only by the renters agreement and the 12 Tables). We ask you, however, to uphold the Lex Scaena if your event is a roleplay event.

XV Roleplayers are allowed to choose any of the following for their roleplay persona:

  • Any civic profession (for example: Merchant, Blacksmith, Baker, Veteran, etc)

  • Any family role inside a Family Group (Domina, Paterfamilius, Cousin, etc).

The following are forbidden unless approved by the Theatrum officers and allowed by the Emperor:

  • A rolelplay job or identity can reflect a sim ownership, government, or management role (for example: Ambassador, Consul, etc)
  • Any Imperial family connection (cousin to the Emperor, etc)
  • An existing Group role without prior membership in that group (Senator, Praetorian, etc)
You may want to observe roleplay before diving in yourself, to see how it is handled in ROMA.

At this time we have no desire to join with any other existing roleplay communities or other Roman themed lands around SL. ROMA roleplay is self contained within the ROMA estate. Actions done in other sims will have no effect on ROMA roleplay. Please remove all other land's roleplay gadgets and combat meters while in ROMA.

We may amend or annotate the Lex Scaena at any time.