Family Groups

Only those families listed on the Tabularium list have a license to operate in ROMA as a roleplay entity. The name board contains information about how to join each family. (It is not necessary to join a family to roleplay in ROMA).

To start a family group, you must have at least three people who make up the family and all must have been regular participants in the ROMA community for at least three months. BEFORE you found the group, you must apply for recognition to the Praetores Scaenae. They will ask the members to read and agree to a code of conduct, appoint the family head to the Comitia Scaena, and instruct the Prefect to add the name to the role of families in the Tabularium. Do not spend the founding money until you get your license back from the Praetores.

All family groups will now be placed under the management of the Theatrum. This does not mean that the family will lose the ability to design their familial character, organize members, or run things within the family structure. Instead, their behavior will be monitored by the Praetores Scaenae and the Comitia Scaena (to make sure they do not violate their code of conduct agreement, the Lex Scaena, or the 12 Tables). The Praetores Scaenae have the authority to punish infractions (warnings, fine, temporary banishment, permanent banishment, and removal of the family from the roster of families in the Tabularium).

Each family should have at least one ranking member sit on the Roleplay Council and assist in the management of weekly rolelay events. If no one from that family group is willing to be active and help direct the roleplay, then there is no need for that family group.